Standing in my doorway 7 years later, it was apparent that you were no longer the chubby kid who’s admiration I didn’t appreciate . You turned away from me. I asked why didn’t you turn away from her . Your answer was ” look at the difference between you and her”. So I did . I am not even half the woman she is . She was the woman who committed to you when I was out being a no life stripper . She was the one who saw every beautiful piece of your soul that i didn’t care to discover . She is the one who gave up her life to a man who would never love her the way he loved someone who didn’t give a damn. Only after this summer can I say I know how it feels . Call it karma . Call it fate . As you stood in my doorway 7 years later , I realized that only now had I became a woman deserving of a man like you. One day, some 10 years later, he will have the same realization about me .