Standing in my doorway 7 years later, it was apparent that you were no longer the chubby kid who’s admiration I didn’t appreciate . You turned away from me. I asked why didn’t you turn away from her . Your answer was ” look at the difference between you and her”. So I did . I am not even half the woman she is . She was the woman who committed to you when I was out being a no life stripper . She was the one who saw every beautiful piece of your soul that i didn’t care to discover . She is the one who gave up her life to a man who would never love her the way he loved someone who didn’t give a damn. Only after this summer can I say I know how it feels . Call it karma . Call it fate . As you stood in my doorway 7 years later , I realized that only now had I became a woman deserving of a man like you. One day, some 10 years later, he will have the same realization about me . 

2 thoughts on “Alfalfa

  1. ” The Introduction” The Pain in my Heart Grows Stronger Everyday And Death becomes the next best thing to having them.. Embrace it as it is the Angel that God has sent you to remove the Pain you have Carried for them All these years.. Now they shall know the same and the weight you carried and held for them.. till death knocks you will always be in their Heart ! (sigh)

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