I didn’t seek you for revenge ,

Your heart is not for me to mend.

If I wanted you, I could have had you, right then.

I didn’t want some kind of exchange,

I sought you only to share our pain .

I knew he hurt you, just the same.

The b*tch probably doesn’t even remember our names .

Burned by the very same devil

Its a shame we weren’t on the same level.

If he knew any of this, his blood would boil.

You said it had nothing to do with being loyal.


You said he up and left, twice in one year.

I promised you it was only because of his fear.

See, he hasn’t been feeling so great, Since his mother walked out, when he was 8.

So he takes it out on those who love him, as if not even God, could be above him.

All we can do is pray, that eventually, he will find his way.

Though I  don’t think we will ever see that day.

Like I said, lying to you, I just couldn’t do. Part of me wishes you already knew.

That night was only for closure,   I am so sorry for all of the exposure.

I hope you get the girl, that she opens her eyes.  Chases you all the way back home , never to say goodbye.

I hope you find a life filled with  love and joy.  Thank you,

My pretty little Belfast Boy


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